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GE Zoneline� UltimateV12 Heat Pump Single Package Vertical Air Conditioner with Makeup Air, 265 Volt


  • Insta-Platform�
    Eliminates the need for on-site customized platform construction saving time and money
  • Self-Contained Drainage System
    Easy installation allows for simple chassis removal while leaving plumbing completely intact
  • Fast-Connect Plumbing
    Allows preliminary plumbing to be installed outside the closet and prior to installing the chassis
  • Self-Aligning Lock-in-Place System
    The Insta-Platform and the VTAC are self-aligning with a lock-in-place system ensuring the unit is engaging with the plenum gasket
  • Quick-Install Plenum
    Plenum is easily installed from the interior of building, without the need for exterior building access. Caulking is required. It conveniently expands from 8" to 15" for a custom fit


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    31 7/8 H x 23 5/8 W x 24 1/8 D in

Depicted are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

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