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Our Story

      Bloomfield Appliance Company was established in 1948 in Bloomfield New Jersey by my Grandfather Stephen Macanga. He started out as a radio repair business then branched out into electronics. He also started to sell major appliances which after the war were in high demand.

General Electric's offices were right around the corner from his store on Bloomfield Avenue and with the Air Conditioner factory across the street presented a perfect opportunity to become a GE dealer.


Bloomfield Appliance Company became an authorized GE dealer and has been ever since. The store in Caldwell, our current location, was opened in 1955 and was then given to my Dad Stephen Macanga Jr in 1958 after he got out of the army. My Dad ran the store until 2015 and now I am running business with the help of family members. With a family business like ours, everyone in the family has contributed over the years, my first job was at 5 years old sweeping the floor for $1.

We want to continue to give our customers personalized service and treat everyone like family.


Washing Machine Interior
 Cosy Kitchen


We believe that businesses have to consistently work on improving their quality of output to attract customers and retain their position in the market. To ensure that our family-owned business is equipped to address our consumer's needs, we prioritize embracing new ideas and technology. When merged with our rich experience, insights and intuition, this helps us ace every challenge thrown our way.

Depicted are Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

Call us at 973 226-3455 for Final Price 

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